Cancer-free Food Packaging from Natural Materials Harmless to Your Health, Friendly to the Environment.

BPE production process cycle is very simple and efficient, yet eco-friendly. Using purely natural non-wood fiber, this clean and green production process produces no wastes. BPE product is ideal for all food industries, employing no harsh chemicals. Every single piece of their products will UV-pasteurized before sending to you.

BPE tableware products are fully biodegradable within 45 days after disposal, turning it into natural soil-like fertilizer while conventional plastic and styrene foam may take several decades to biodegrade and they are poisonous not only the soil, underground water sources, but also the air we breath.

- 100% Eco-friendly
- 100% Biodegradable in 45 days
- 100% Food safety and non toxic contamination
- 100% Disposable
- 100% Microwavable, oven-able
- 100% Applicable for hot and cold food
- 100% non wood fiber
- 100% Chlorine free pulp material (ECF)